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The diagnosis

Before starting any treatment an initial diagnosis is established by your chiropractor certicated CBP®.

During this diagnosis specific exams andmeasurements will allow to establish a personalized treatment plan.

Before any treatment your chiropractor’s attention will be look for :

• Postural examination

• Examination of the alignment of the spine

• Functionnal assessment by analysis of x-ray to identify the underlying symptomatics causes

CBP®, goals of care

CBP® Technique emphasizes optimal posture and spinal alignment as the primary goals of chiropractic care while simultaneously documenting improvements in pain and functional based outcomes the uniqueness of CBP® treatment is in structural rehabilitation of the spine and posture.

CBP® is a crossroads of chiropractic and physical therapeutic procedures consisting of the following:

CBP® Mirror-Image by opposite image, promoting a rebalancing and muscle stability

Postural adjustments to restore joint and nerves functions

Postural tractions remodeling ligaments

Chiropractique - Soins
Soins Chiropracteur

Postural adjustments

In the field of biophysical chiropractic, abnormal human posture is analyzed and corrected by means of so-called "mirror image" adjustments.

These exercises are elaborated by first analyzing the standing posture in three dimensions and then emphasizing the abnormal posture of the patient in its exact opposite from where mirror image.

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The use of spine remodeling that "reflects" the vertebral curvature is one of many developments that CBP® brings to chiropractic practice. Indeed, the spinal segments of the neck, thoracic and lower back and pelvis are stretched and / or pushed into correct alignments by gently forcing the skeletal, muscular, ligament and nervous systems away from their incorrect position.
Over time, and with carefully prescribed amounts of pressure and duration, Mirror-Image spinal remodeling has demonstrated its ability to help restore correct alignment.

The different methods of spinal remodeling have been carefully studied and variations based on specific anomalies of posture, spinal curvature configurations, sex and body size are all evaluated and compensated in the techniques. Your CBP® trained chiropractor will know which device is right for you based on your unique condition. Based on controlled clinical trials, the remodeling of the spine applied with CBP Technique® is the only proven non-surgical method that corrects the abnormal curvature of the spine to normal alignment.

Mirror image adjustments, helps your chiropractor in rehabilitating posture. In theory, these adjustments balance the proper alignment by working on improving muscles and nerve reflexes


Chiropractic Biophysics® Spinal Traction

The traction exercises offer a constant force over a section of time previously defined by your chiropractor during the initial diagnosis.

Our center is equiped with the best medical devices for Chiropractic Biophysics traction.

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The Denneroll device : perform exceptional results

Designed by chiropractors, Denneroll device is a unique and effective treatment.

Proper posture and vertebral curvature impact your overall health.

Techniques developed scientifically and clinically proven by spine researchers and applied by your chiropractor can help restore and maintain better health, imporve function and mobility, and relieve pain. Ajustments, exercises and cerviczl remodeling can be combined in various ways in your treatment.

Talk to your chiropractor to make sure you understand the treatment and follw the instuctions to perform a self-directed vertebral remodeling using the Denneroll device to ensure your safety and optimize the beneficial effects on your condition.


Chiropractique - Soins
Chiropractic Biophysics France

Our center is be the only one in France
to propose Chiropractic Biophysics methods to improve your spinal health.


The American Chiropractic Center is located in the 7th arrondissement,
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